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Four Things to Consider When Hiring Wedding Musicians

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

If you are a lover of the arts, chances are that you care deeply about the quality of music performed at special events, especially when you are the one crafting a dream vision and even more especially when it is your wedding. If live music is important to you and you plan for it to be an important element of your ceremony, the last thing you want is to be underwhelmed by the live performance of the musicians.

2 Violinist, a violist, and a harpist stand on boardwalk surrounded by trees
Best in Brass Strings & Harp

Here are four things to consider when seeking out quality wedding musicians:

1. Are they full-time professional musicians?

When it comes to musicians for private events, there are a lot of options out there. If you really want your music to be beautifully performed and stress-free, you should try your best to find musicians who are full-time professionals. There's a big difference between just being able to play an instrument and dedicating your vocational life to performing one. If you are looking for quality music, hire those who have dedicated themselves from a young age to honing their craft.

2. What kind of experience and training do they have?

Do some research about the top professional ensembles and arts organizations in your area. What professional symphony orchestras are nearby? What are the top venues for high art in your area? A little research and asking questions like these will help you find out if the musicians you are considering perform with the professional groups in your area. This kind of resume and experience is a great sign that they are qualified pros. Furthermore, it is a good sign if your musicians attended top schools and conservatories for their musical training.

3. Do they have samples of their music available online?

While doing some background research inspired by the questions above can be very helpful, ultimately hearing is believing. The best way to know how musicians sound is to hear them. Check to see if the musicians you are considering have samples of their playing available in places like YouTube, Instagram, or their website. Do you like how they sound? It's also good if you can hear samples of exactly the songs you would like played at your wedding, but don't be discouraged if you can't find a sample of that specific song. If you like everything about the musicians so far, try reaching out to them to see if they can play your special requests. If everything else about them checks out up to this point, chances are they can play your requests!

4. Expect to pay a rate that fairly compensates quality musicians and their expertise.

If you have ever learned a musical instrument, you know just how daunting a task it is to learn to play at a professional level. You know that it takes years, even decades, of dedicated daily practice, often for hours at a time, to hone the craft of musical performance to an elite level. Expect to fairly compensate this kind of expertise.

*See photo credits below

How does Best in Brass meet these qualifications?

  1. All Best in Brass musicians have dedicated their professional lives to the performance of their instruments. Combined, we have centuries of experience practicing, perfecting, and performing.

  2. Our musicians have trained at some of the top music schools and conservatories in the world, and all of us perform regularly with the top artistic ensembles and orchestras in Orlando, Central Florida, and beyond. See a quick summary of some of our qualifications here.

  3. You can listen to our String Quartet, Wedding Orchestra, Brass Quintet, New Orleans Brass Band, and more on YouTube. You can also listen and watch our latest videos here.

  4. We are committed to fairly compensating every musician who performs with Best in Brass. When you hire us, you are getting the highest quality music from the highest quality performers in Orlando and Central Florida. That's our guarantee.

Best in Brass is Florida's Wedding & Event Orchestra. Find out more about us at Follow us on Instagram at Find out more about William Cooper at

*Photo credits from Princess and the Frog inspired style shoot. Check out the amazing team of vendors on Instagram:

Planning & Design:

Photographer: @emmaannephoto

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Tabletop Rentals: @treasuryrentals

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