Brass Quintet


The Brass Quintet is a grand choice for weddings and special events. This ensemble comprises five musicians- 2 trumpets, French horn, trombone, and tuba, the sound is rich, dynamic, full and harmonious. The quintet creates an elegant visual impression and beautiful ambiance to your event, suited for all occasions including outdoor weddings.

Brass Quartet


The Brass Quartet is one of our most popular ensembles. It is a flexible ensemble and usually comprises 2 trumpets and 2 trombones, suitable for all venues and spaces. The sound of the quartet is similar to the quintet, although with one less instrument.

Brass Trio


The Brass Trio is a great choice for those without room for a larger ensemble. This ensemble offers the splendor of brass while still being well-suited for smaller churches and other venues.

Large Brass Ensemble


A 10-piece brass ensemble can fill the largest cathedrals with the glorious sound of brass or make an unforgettable statement at outdoor venues.

Soloist with Organ


From our most popular choice of trumpet and organ to any other instrumental soloist, this virtuosic option is certain to impress.



Nothing goes better with brass than the rich sounds of a pipe organ. An organist can be added to any ensemble or perform as a soloist.

Fanfare Trumpets


Suited for a royal ceremony, any number of fanfare trumpets can be added to your wedding or event.

Custom Ensembles


Have another idea? We can work with you to make your creative vision a reality. We can provide any combination of brass, strings, harp, organ, piano, or other orchestral instruments.

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